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 Get Your Performance Cheat Sheet, Including the Highly Coveted Performance Foods List Right Away!

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A Note From the Presenter, Pearle...

 To my devoted hockey mom,

I salute you and cherish all you do.

Did anyone ever tell you hockey is a boys sport? They did to me! ... but a lifetime in hockey later, both as a player and then as a coach, it's so clear that without our strong female presence the great sport of hockey would fall apart (whether the hockey players are boys or girls).

When I became a parent it allowed me to walk in your shoes. It really takes becoming a parent to get it.

As a mom of 2, a busy entrepreneur and professional sports dietitian. Time is flying! You must feel me here. It's all going too fast and we have to cherish the golden moments… just not at the expense of our health.

Take time for yourself. You deserve it.

That is why I give you this labor of love and devotion. A gift to shine a spotlight on you, often the unsung hero of the house. Join me in unveiling the reasons you and your hockey player are going to have an epic 2020 hockey season.

See you soon. 

To your extraordinary success,


Pearle Nerenberg, MSc RD IOC dipl
Founder of Eat This for Performance

"I have been following Pearle Nerenberg who’s a sports nutritionist from Montreal and the founder of Eat This for Performance. I highly encourage you to take a peek at her information. You may think - hey, I feed my family healthy foods...I’m a great parent (and you are)....I do not need this info.....BUT it’s more about WHEN do you eat specific types of food to optimize performance. Could your child (or you) have more energy? "